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Worst Exp Yesterday:
Ridaren Bruhs
Top Killer December:
0 Frags
Top Killer Overall:
38801 Frags
General Information
Worlds Danera, Hydera, Neptera no longer exist.
These worlds were merged to new world Quintera.
There is only small information left after the server has been deleted.
Average Online 0 Players
Best Exp Result (1 Day)
Best Powergamers (Last 30 Days)
Most Efficient (Exp / H)
Most Online (Last 30 Days)
Top Killer Josezt (5)
Top Lvl Imperfidian (753)
Top Magic Vondrac (116)
Top Achievements Anndi Kiu (873)
Top Distance Khioz (125)
Top Sword Mano Dark Coyote (121)
Top Axe Malgo Demoh (121)
Top Club Pastor Guty (123)
Top Shield Pastor Guty (118)
Top Loyality Pawelpaul (4115)
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