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Top Killer April:
Godlike Terror
853 Frags
Top Killer Overall:
14832 Frags
General Information
Worlds Efidia, Iona, Nika, Quilia no longer exist.
These worlds were merged to new world Peloria.
There is only small information left after the server has been deleted.
Average Online 0 Players
Best Exp Result (1 Day)
Best Powergamers (Last 30 Days)
Most Efficient (Exp / H)
Most Online (Last 30 Days)
Top Killer Seph Arka (0)
Top Lvl Seph Arka (330)
Top Magic Voltaris (115)
Top Achievements Demon Palld (1001)
Top Distance Daso II (129)
Top Sword Varmendrion (123)
Top Axe Notorious Magician (121)
Top Club Doktor Elektroniki (121)
Top Shield Varmendrion (117)
Top Loyality Arwen Abendstern (5806)
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