Best Exp Yesterday:
Worst Exp Yesterday:
Top Killer April:
Yukki Sauvage
808 Frags
Top Killer Overall:
36207 Frags

Change log

25 Oct 2018 - New Tool

New toool Guild Tracker have been added.

New world Celebra have been added.

16 Oct 2018 - Bug Fixes

From now the website should work properly on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

4 Oct 2018

Small fixes in mysql, so website should now work faster.

19 Aug 2018

From now you can sort Powergamers by lvl aswell.

25 May 2018 - Some Changes

Secure connection "https" have been added as well as new section World Transfers. Now you can check new transfers right after server save.

1 May 2018 - Exp Records

New tab Exp Records have been added. You can now check daily exp records from all the time in one place.

27 Oct 2017 - New Worlds

New worlds: Zuna and Zunera have been added.